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Fitness and wellness are rapidly becoming more and more popular. Often times people who are leading a healthy lifestyle are seeking new ideas and welcome variety. Regardless, water fitness classes have remained more or less invariable throughout past decades: music, instructor and some aquatic equipment.  

Hydrohex is the modern fitness application for people around the world that works with Android and iOS-platforms. It consists of trendy and effective water workouts that are displayed to attendants on a waterproof touch screen – therefore making it available anywhere in the planet 24/7.  

The waterproof touchscreen makes the concept extremely user-friendly. Firstly, the customer picks an exercise according to their preference. One can sort the contents by run time or training area focus, for example. It is possible to choose anything from a 5-minute quick upper body recovery aimed for busy customers suffering from a neck pain to a 45-minute total body HIIT workout for those who are looking for a complete workout.  

Precise underwater exercise video and inspiring training data will guide the customer through the chosen workout session and once finished, the screen resumes Hydrohex screensaver mode. 

Our customers have chosen various screen sizes, as the Hydrohex app works perfectly in every scale. Whether you are interested in a tablet size solution or would like to go big with a 65 in touch screen, we will gladly provide you the most fitting water fitness solution that meets both your and your customers’ needs.  

Please, fill the contact field below and we will be in touch with you soon to upgrade your pool area’s fitness services to meet 2020’s standards! 

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