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Virtual aqua fitness is a completely new concept. Here you will find the answers to your burning questions! For more information, check out the guides on the Blog or contact!

Virtual Workouts

Virtual aqua fitness is a modern way to offer workout services to your customers. People are accustomed to using fitness apps for instructions, and now we bring the most in-depth aqua fitness app to pools with waterproof touchscreens.

Exercising with virtual workout instructions is simple! Choose a workout from the screen and follow the video instructions! Hydrohex software displays all the exercises to your customers. Virtual gym classes are nothing new, but now they are coming to pools!

Hydrohex is designed to work in addition to traditional instructed aqua fitness classes. The best part about virtual workout classes is that they are available whenever the customer demands it. While there are plenty of services and classes available during the peak hours, during the off-peak hours customers don’t have much services available!

Some of pool operators have even started using the Hydrohex service for their instructed classes, showing the exact technique from the underwater video, while hyping up their class with their personal touch! We are also developing new features for class instructors, so that they can benefit from Hydrohex as well!

Maintaining the Hydrohex service requires minimal work from your personnel. They only need to make sure that the tablets are charged, and that they are readily available for your customers! Our team of experts designs all the workout programs for you, so the software has plenty of content available for your customers!

Hydrohex has workout programs that are designed for different difficulty levels, and your customers can easily pick one that suits their personal taste. The clear instruction videos will easily guide your customers through the more difficult workout programs as well!

Using own screens

Absolutely! Hydrohex comes on a pocket-sized device, that can be connected to virtually any modern display device, whether it is a TV, touchscreen or a projector! 

The Hydrohex box has a HDMI port for video signal. Use it to connect the box to your TV! HDMI is easily adapted to other connector types as well, if your display doesn’t support HDMI. For higher resolution screens running at 4K, make sure your HDMI cables are HDMI2.0 standard to ensure smooth video. 

We suggest to use a 65″ or larger screen, so that it can be installed a safe distance away from the pool, and still be large enough for easy viewing. The larger the screen, the larger the group it can serve, too! 

It is recommended, but not absolutely necessary. Our virtual classes require audio capabilities, as the format is highly reliant on music and instructors voice. Hydrohex on-demand has a background music playlist, but audio is not required.

Speakers can be connected to the Hydrohex box with a 3.5mm mini plug.


Totally! All of our screens and components are designed to be used at pools with IP65 to IP67 ratings. For example the tablets can be submerged for short periods without any harm, and the touchscreens withstand direct streams of water easily. The devices operate at low voltages (12V or less). All the charging ports and power supplies are safe for wet environment as well. All of the Hydrohex workout stations have a sturdy stand with a hefty base plate, making them very difficult to accidentally drop into the pool.

In active use the battery lasts about two and a half hours. Our standard service package includes two tablets, so while you recharge one, you can use the other. During peak hours you can also have both tablets in use, and recharge them again during the off-peak!

If you need a device that can handle constant use, we suggest our 24″ Touch. Drawing only 12V power, the waterproof touchscreen is a safe choice at any busy pool!

All our service packages include hassle-free replacement guarantee. If your screen stops working, we will ship a replacement to you as soon as possible! Our customer support handles all device and software related issues with expertise.

Ease of use is one of our top priorities. Hydrohex workout software is designed to be simple, and to guide the user throughout their workout session. The high-quality underwater videos show clear visual instructions on how to perform each exercise. Even our senior exercisers have loved the software and found it intuitive to use!

The software has multiple languages available for your international customers as well.

Pool & Customers

We 100% guarantee it! The user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from all user groups. Even our senior users have loved the fresh and youthful appearance, and have enjoyed the new virtual service!

Then the virtual workout programs are ideal for you! Your customers can come and go flexibly, and work out on demand. The virtual service makes it possible to serve even individual customers during the off-peak hours, when it is not reasonable to have instructed aqua fitness classes.

Our customers have had very varied pool spaces, but we’ve found the right solution for each one of them. The ideal depth of the pool is about 120-140cm with even floor. The screen itself doesn’t require much space and can be easily placed wherever it fits. Most of the exercise moves don’t require much space to do, so the workouts can be performed even in smaller unused spots in the pool!

Our customers represent very different profiles from public pools to spas and medical centers. 95% of those who have tested the service at their pool have continued with us after the trial!

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