Hydrohex software

Hydrohex is a modern autonomous water workout concept that provides ultimate fitness content to customers in swimming pools. The easy-to-use UI and high-quality underwater workout instructions bring effective water exercises available to anyone in your pool. 

The trendy workout content in the software is updated seasonally. Seasons are 90 days long, and the content is refreshed, and new exercise moves are added to the rotation after each Season. This ensures that your customers will always have new exciting pool workouts and effective training responses. The exercises require no extra equipment, all you need is a pool!

Every Season has 24 workouts and over 150 exercise moves. Workouts are divided into three training Series: Get Fit, Get Strong, Get Performance. Each series has a different focus so that your customer finds the right workout for their needs. Choose a suitable workout, get ready and get training!

The software is available for offline use, but the updates require internet connection.

Workout solutions

Hydrohex Tablet

The 10-inch waterproof tablet is a movable solution that delivers personal and intimate water workout experiences. It is a flexible workout platform for active pools that have users with differing needs. Equip your pool with multiple Hydrohex workout tablets to provide facilities to multiple users simultaneously. 

This Android based tablet comes with Hydrohex -software pre-installed and configured for you, ready to go!

  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Includes a stand for the tablet
Water workout tablet
Water workout tablet

Hydrohex Plug & Play

Turn any screen or television into a Hydrohex workout screen with the Plug & Play -solution.  With a fixed solution there is no need for recharging the device, and the software is available to your customers 24/7. The software scales to all screen sizes, so eye-catching custom workout solutions are possible! 

This Android based stick comes with Hydrohex -software pre-installed and configured for you, ready to go!

  • Compatible with any device with an HDMI input
  • Includes a splash proof remote controller
Water workout plug and play
Water workout plug and play

Hydrohex Custom

If you need a custom workout solution for your pool, Hydrohex is the right partner for the job. We can help you in assessing the capabilities of your pool as well as finding the right touchscreen solution for your specific needs.

Custom sized touchscreen is the ultimate Hydrohex solution for any pool.

  • Touchscreens ranging from 20-inches up to 65-inches
  • Projectors, banners and marketing materials

Get Hydrohex to your pool!

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Samuli Vihervirta

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