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Hydrohex offers everything gyms, spas and swimming halls need for providing virtual aqua fitness for their customers, anywhere, any time!

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Increases Retention

New services boost visiting frequency and increase retention among members. Hydrohex offers reasons to stay and come back!

Available 24/7

Virtual services are not tied to any schedules, so they are a flexible way to fill off-peak gaps with services!

Customer satisfaction

Our clients say customer satisfaction is a key driver behind their decision on offering Hydrohex at their pool!

Attracts New audiences

Offering virtual services increases the attractiveness of your facilities, especially amongst those who cannot attend live classes.

Easy to set up

Setting up the service is easy. Internet connection is optional, and pre-installed screens can be used for projection as well!

Cost effective addition

Hydrohex requires no personnel supervision, which allows for cost effective operation!



For easy implementation at any pool site, we offer several distinct waterproof display solutions.

Icon Touch


The 24-inch waterproof touchscreen is easily used by small groups.

The sunlight readable high-brightness screen uses safe 12V low voltage, so it’s available 24/7 for your customers!

Icon Custom


Create your custom Hydrohex workout studio with Plug & Play solutions by using screens you already have. Easy to set up and control!​



For easy implementation at any pool site, we offer several distinct waterproof display solutions.



Hydrohex brings a wide toolkit for your business to create, control and customize the Hydrohex experience at your pool.

User Statistics

See statistics on how your customers use Hydrohex services.

Marketing Materials

Let your customers know of your virtual aqua fitness service with the pre-made materials we provide.

Workout Builder

Coming soon! Create custom workout programmes for your customers.

Mobile App

Give your customers access to the workouts from their own devices for flexible use at your pool or at home.



Here’s what our clients say about the service:

Our customers love virtual classes. We have a lot of regular users, who enjoy the updating content. The software is customer friendly and easy to use. Also the different languages available are a plus!
Hydrohex Custom at Flamingo Spa
Anniina Oksanen
Waterpark Manager, Flamingo Spa
Our regular gym members have added Hydrohex to their workout routines, and hotel visitors are also using the workout screens. They are constantly in use, and the customers love them!
Hydrohex Touchscreen at Naantali
Anna Ranki
Spa & Wellness Manager, Naantali Spa
Hydrohex has become really popular among our customers. People of all ages enjoy the virtual classes, and thanks to the clear workout instructions, they also exercise much better!
Hydrohex Tablet at Impivaara
Eeva Haapanen
Head of Swimming Facilities, Turku

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