About Hydrohex

Hydrohex was born after thousands of hours spent in water. The fundamental idea behind Hydrohex is above all to show everyone how to exercise in the most effective and fun way in the water, and how to spread this knowledge around the globe.

Current technology makes it possible to use smartphones, tablets and wearable technology even in wet conditions. This has been the key accelerator for Hydrohex Creating the ultimate aquatic fitness experience has never been so easy!

Hydrohex Ltd is the global leader of innovative and effective aquatic workouts. We do this by combining waterproof technologies and effective training methods used by top athletes. We provide people an attractive and effective training experience through a top quality training app. Whether your goal is to burn calories, recover from an injury or increase your performance in the sport fields, Hydrohex will help you to achieve your goals!

Check out the video below where our CEO, Tommi Wallenius challenges himself to an extreme Hydrohex workout. As he says, “Keep your head cool and your muscles warm”.



Hydrohex is a fully immersive and interactive water workout app. It allows you to combine the heavy workout of going to the gym with something more dexterous, such as martial arts or calisthenics. The catch is that you don’t need any equipment or weights to do it!

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Hydrohex stories

Anette is a travel blogger and sport enthusiast who found Hydrohex workouts useful while traveling.

Anette Mankolanaho


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Artturi is NHL icehockey player who has exercised in water since he was 14

Artturi Lehkonen


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Henriikka Kemppinen has taken advantage of doing some of her HIIT and recovery workouts in the pool

Henriikka Kemppinen


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CEO, Tommi Wallenius

Phone +358 40 5718582

Email tommi.wallenius (at) hydrohex.com